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The covid-19 pandemic has had a major effect on most aspects of our lives causing elevated stress which is most likely affecting

UK Nursing Process.

You need IELTS and less 7 months to get to practice in U.K as a nurse . Step 1. IELTS TrainingThis is

Discovering the joy of giving Almost everyone has experienced adverse effects from the current Covid-19 pandemic in various facets of their lives,

From experience, I have personally received so many requests from people who are not Nurses but would wish to switch careers and

UK Theatre Nursing Jobs

KenyanNurse is actively Recruiting Theatre Nurses to one of its UK based NHS client to tackle the growing backlog of elective and

As per the Ministerial Statement presented to the UK parliament, International nurses ‘now exempt’ from immigration health surcharge and will be eligible

Task shifting as a process of transferring responsibility to healthcare personnel with fewer competency skills in situations of limited health personnel in

It is time for nursing as profession to awaken. Arise and shine nurses, be whom you claim to be! Fifteen years ago,

Are you a licensed Mental Health and Psychiatric Nurse currently based in Nigeria, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Zambia or Kenya? Do you have an

The National Nurses of Kenya (NNAK) is leading the Nurses’ Week celebrations in Kenya. We are tasked with showcasing the role of

Are you the ordinary nurse or exceptional nurse? You might be wondering what the difference might be.. “You are different nurse!” These

Many questions lingered in my mind about root causes of healthcare problems in Kenya and immediately I shifted to Nursing school. Last

As month of July came to an end, I realized that few months were remaining to renew my practicing license to remain

During one of my supervision meetings, Prof Tracy, a respected health economist who began her career as a nurse told me,” You

Most of the time I try to avoid discussing nurses’ politics, however, I am so much attached to nurses’ welfare to an