My desire for nurses in Kenya.

I know and understand that you may be wondering  why I, Simiyu Paul_RN, is too generous with information.Why is he so passionate about #Overseas #Nursing #Opportunities? omeone may ask.

My drive is fueled by  the desire for  the following:-

# Desire to achieve ? overseas nursing opportunities’ literacy among nurses in Kenya.

We have always convicted that there’s more power in information than anything else. Thus,let everyone get an  equal chance for information and resources and choose to be either employed in Kenya, US, UK, Australia, or Canada inter alia overseas countries.

Let those in rural setups also achieve their American dream without being reprimanded  that they don’t qualify while their counterparts in the cities qualify. I am so passionate to see a nurse from Kericho dispensary access international nursing jobs just like their friends in KNH.

# Desire to have everyone in the nursing profession understand their value as a nurse so that we all bargain better in our respective interview rooms and not bargaining on the streets, so that we all are able to access a salary that befits  a qualified nurse.

# Desire to have every child within our neighborhood wish or want to be a nurse and have the young generation choose nursing over other professions.

Young nurses joining the profession should understand that overseas nursing opportunities are at their reach whenever they wish and not only the selected few nurses in the Nairobi Hospital, Matter Hospital, Aga khan Hospital and KNH as it used to be  some years back. Furthermore,nursing students in institutions such as MMUST, UoN School of Nursing, KMTC, Ram Nursing School etc should understand that there are so many nursing opportunities beyond their horizons.As such,  nursing trainers should prepare nurses for the global  market and not just for our own small wards.

# Desire to economically empower every nurse in Kenya.

This is by sharing relevant, factual information and opportunities about overseas nursing to everyone so that if by any chance I manage to recruit 1000 nurses per year, these nurses will manage to  wire back home a minimum of KShs. 150k  per month. This will inject 1000 Nurses × 150k = Ksh. 150M per month into the Kenyan economy. And if these overseas nurses consistently do that for a year as we have always done, the Kenyan economy will be boosted by 150M × 12 months = KShs. 1.8B;a contribution by overseas  nurses to the Kenyan economy.

This way,we can be economically relevant   to any country. Philippine and Indian governments have understood this value and are capitalizing on it.

Nurses will be supporting the society back in Kenya and it look up to  nurses as role models.Let’s change the nursing perception.

# Desire to see the nurses who move abroad investing in nursing profession back home.

 It’s imprudent that ,as nurses, we only look for jobs and none of us is creating those job opportunities.Let’s have nurses join hands and establish international hospitals in Kenya.Let’s have hospitals in Kenya established by nurses and managed based on nursing principles and not on profits as it is currently happening.Let’s have hospitals purely for nursing services so that others can benchmark the ideal nursing from our  hospitals.

# Desire to see the nurses moving abroad come back home with the experience acquired in the host countries and improve the Kenyan healthcare system,  as nursing experts.


# I desire to do something small as an individual to help the nursing profession claim back its lost pride.

What are you doing as an individual?

That’s my desire for nurses in Kenya.What’s yours?

I am Not

I’m not writing this to inspire a nurse in Kenya who is already earning a five-figure salary say, Ksh.200K per month because they are already inspired to achieve such salaries in Kenya.

I am not writing this to inspire directors of nursing because they are already directing our junior nurses’ salary into their pockets.

I am not sparing my UK valuable time to even encourage county nurse leaders because they are already counting money off the salaries of young nurses.

Nor am I doing this to share some little wisdom with those nursing leaderships in Kenya since they are the ones advising County Public Service Boards that they don’t need to employ nurses on permanent and pensionable terms but on 1, 3, or 6 months contract.

They have gone ahead to advise counties that we no longer need BScNs.


I am sharing my story to inspire that young nurse in Kenya who is either unemployed, underemployed or underpaid.

I am writing this to inspire that nurse who is earning 15k in some health facilities in a county for a three-month contract; those being paid 50k on a three-year contract without renewal ;those in KNH on perennial contracts with hopes of securing permanent jobs there.

I am writing this for those BScN nurses who just finished, about to finish or start internships with no jobs.

I am sparing this precious time for young nurses who are planing to sit for their NCK exam from 24th November, 2020 with hopes that they will secure jobs immediately they secure those NCK licenses. It’s painful that they will spend approximately 9k to secure the NCK license and then tarmac for 9 months “eti hawana experience” (they have no experience) when in UK you don’t need any shred of  experience to secure a nursing job.


The message is that there is bright light somewhere, there’s hope in nursing   because it is global.

Simiyu Paul_RN, MD & Founder-KenynNurse.

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