UK Nursing Process.

You need IELTS and less 7 months to get to practice in U.K as a nurse .

Step 1. IELTS Training
This is the first step for anyone planning for Overseas Nursing jobs. We understand that sometimes it becomes hard for a hardworking nursing to work and prepare IELTS at the same time and we have created an innovative and flexible training which prepares nurses from any part of the country and world at large. 
This is to the fact that our students only require to be able to access WhatsApp. Our online training is majorly through WhatsApp, quite convenient for you guys since it doesn’t matter where you are, provided you are able to access WhatsApp.
It’s a six weeks training. 

Step 2: IELTS Exam
After Six weeks of IELTS training you will be ready to be presented for an exam.
Academic Module
All our students are only allowed to prepare and sit for IELTS Academic Module.
This is the required module for your NMC registration and UK Immigration
Exam Booking
At kenyanNurse we normally guide our students on how and when to book the exam. This is normally after your 3rd week in the training. Fortunately, before you start your training you will be given the Training Timetable which will include your exam date.
Exam Fee
IELTS exam is Ksh. 24,820 which is paid directly to British Council either through Standard Bank or online
Exam Results
The IELTS Exam results are always released after 13 days of your exam. 
Required IELTS Scores
For one to register in UK with NMC you need the score the following minimum Scores
Listening 7
Reading 7
Writing 6.5
Speaking 7
Overall 7

Step 3: NMC Registration
Immediately after IELTS Exam as you await for your results, we shall guide you on how to register and submit documents for your NMC account registration. 
Required Documents
You also need the following so we can do the application; Remember that you won’t be able to take the exam before making this application. :
1.valid passport certificate
3.NCK certificate
4. Birth certificate
NCK Documents Verification
Immediately you pay NMC they will email your registration request to NCK’s email.
You will have to contact NCK to request them to check whether they have received any link from NMC concerning your NMC registration application.
Once NCK confirms reception of the link, they will request you to make some payment. 
After this,you will need to visit nck
With a;
-Valid practising license
-Nck certificate 
– Training Institution Certificate 
-Good conduct certificate
– Declaration of good health (Signed by an M. O and stamped)
Recommendation Letter (Written by your referee and stamped) 


We have our reservations on this cost. It’s our belief that NCK shouldn’t charge such amount just to fill your details in an online link. They should consider charging nurses utmost 5k since they no longer have the postage fee as it used to be in the old NMC registration process. 

Training institution Verification
Your college or university where you trained will also receive a link to fill your training details.
You need to contact Director of academics in your training institutions for this. If you trained in KMTC you will all be processed centrally at the Nairobi Campus by the KMTC Director of Academics. And if you trained in a private Nursing school please contact either your principal or H.O.D Academics. For those who are from Nursing Universities please contact either the Dean school of Nursing or H.O.D. 

NMC Invitation Letter
After this you will receive an invitation to Competence Test Letter which will be requesting you to proceed to CBT exam and OSCEs (normally done in UK). 
While arranging for your interview, we shall always be requesting you for this email, please print it.

Authorization To Test (ATT)
After NCK and training institutions have responded to the NMC links, you will be issued with NMC CBT Authorization To Test (ATT). With this, now you will be connected to the testing company called Pearson Vue automatically
Pearson Vue will then email you two emails, the first be your temporary password and the second will be carrying your username.
Immediately login to Pearson Vue account, and change your password. Customize your password.
Fortunately, at kenyanNurse we shall always guide you on every step

NMC CBT Exam Revision Classes
We normally prepare our candidates for CBT exam under the above cost. It’s a two weeks training. We encourage everyone to enroll since you won’t waste your time reading the wrong materials.

NMC CBT Exam Booking and results
We shall help you book for the NMC CBT exam. 

NMC CBT Results
Your NMC CBT Exam results will always be released 30 mins after you finish.
You will get a congratulatory email from NMC. (While organising for your interview we shall always be requesting you to submit this document, please print out). 

Step 4: Interview
This step will happen immediately after your IELTS results are out and it’s confirmed that you meet the requirements for NMC registration.
Years of experience
You no longer require to have an experience to register with NMC, this gives a chance to those fresh nurses to register and practice in UK, immediately after your NCK Exam results are out and for BScNs immediately after internship.
For those with the American Dream, take advantage of this and use UK to gain your 2 years experience that is required for US as you plan your registration. For your information you can come to UK and continue with your US Nursing Journey, kenyanNurse will still guide you.

UK Hospitals
We have arrangements with various partners in UK and we have monthly interview slots for:
– General Medical
– Surgical Nurses
– ICU Nurses
– Theatre Nurses
– Oncology Nurses
– Mental Health and Psychiatry Nurses
– Geriatric Nurses
– Accident and Emergency Nurses
– Midwives
– Paediatric Nurses

We supply our nurses to all kind of healthcare institutions:
– NHS hospitals
– Private Hospitals
– Nursing Homes

CV Alignment
We undertake that most candidates are so experienced but sometimes are unable to communicate their potentials, so we have a program where we help in designing your CV to meet the International requirements. This is to ensure that our candidates are able to secure these jobs that they deserve. 
Interview Preparation
At kenyanNurse we shall prepare you for interview. 

Offer letter
You will be issued with an offer letter by your employer through an email and sign it back to signify acceptance. 
Relocation Package
Most employers will sponsor most of your relocation costs. 

Step 5: Employment Documentations
After your interview, the employer will request you to submit various documents for your employment. 

After you have submitted all the required documents your employer will apply for your Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS). This is like your guarantee. With this certificate your employer is declaring to be sponsoring your relocation so you won’t need any bank statement to prove anything when applying for UK Visa. This is your guarantee.
All the costs of CoS are paid up directly by your employer. 

You need to do a TB test at the IOM Centre in Gigiri, Nairobi.
You might need to book the appointment for this. 
Visa and Healthcare Surcharge
After your CoS is out you will be notified. 
It’s after this that your employer will apply and pay for your Healthcare Surcharge for 3 years 3×£400=£1,200
This is your Healthcare insurance, with this you can access Healthcare services at any NHS hospital for free, absolutely free. 

Once your employer has applied for your CoS and Health Surcharge, these documents together with your other documents will be submitted for your Visa Application. 
All the Visa costs will be paid for by your employer. 

Step 6: Flight Ticket
After you have been issued with your UK Visa, the employer will organise for your flight and ticket, all the costs will be paid for by your employer. 

Welcome Package
Once you arrive your employer will receive you and issue you with a welcome package and organise for your induction and OSCEs training. 

Make 2020 your nursing career development year. Give yourself that gift because you deserve it.

Welcome to UK

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