Overseas Nursing Journey – Nursing School Admission Program By KenyanNurse

From experience, I have personally received so many requests from people who are not Nurses but would wish to switch careers and come abroad as Nurses. They include; Clinical officers, Medical lab, Nutritionists etc. This has puzzled me for a while now.

I have received requests from Nurses who are already abroad to help in admitting their nieces, nephews, sisters and brothers to our School of Nursing of choice then we support them till they fly and join them abroad. This left me pondering on how it could be done.

I have also received requests from form four leavers, those who have done KCSE, requesting to join our Overseas Nursing Journey. This has escalated my thoughts on how to expand role of KenyanNurse in enabling KCSE holders to join college and then facilitate their abroad journey.

Based on the above, we agreed as a team that we had to explore ways on how we would ensure the above constituents get professional satisfaction practising abroad. We agreed that it’s doable and revolutionary that we could satisfy them. So we have come up with Overseas Nursing Journey – School of Nursing Admission Program By KenyanNurse.

We shall receive application Letters and requests from KCSE graduates and those that would want to change their careers.

After we have them in our system, we shall partner with various Nursing Schools in Kenya and admit them as our nursing students there from where we shall continuously support and monitor their learning until the 3years or 4years are over, then we recruit them to Overseas in their countries of choice. Also, they stand to benefit from scholarships and fees discounts that we shall secure with respective colleges.

YOUR ROLE: we request that you refer your friends, your relatives who have finished form four or would love to change their careers to us, since we are recruiting students for our September 2020 intake.

If you are in a training Institution and you feel it needs to partner with us, interested as a Nursing School 

If you have brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews or even friends who have the required KCSE Scores let us know, it’s the best and guaranteed investment for your family, interested as a student

WhatsApp us on +254716192248 for more information

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